• Summer Weekly Clinics

    Summer Weekly Clinics


    We will be holding both a kip clinic and a back handspring clinic every Thursday during our 7 week Summer session! The 60 minute kip and back handspring clinic will be held every Wednesday from 2:45pm-3:45pm. The 60 minute back handspring clinic will also be held from 3:00pm-4:00pm on Thursdays.

    Back Handspring/Kip Clinic

    • Wednesday

    • Back Handspring/Kip Clinic

    • Thursday


    Kip Clinic Price

    • Drop-In Fee

    • Back Handspring Clinic Price

    • Drop-In Fee


  • Birthday Parties

    Birthday Parties

    This is an exciting, fun, and memorable way to celebrate a child’s birthday! The price includes a total of 12 children (including the birthday child), with additional attendees costing $15 each.  The first 75 minutes include games, relay races, obstacle courses, and fun gymnastics activities on all Olympic apparatus. The kids will then take a 30 minute break for food, cake, presents, etc. in our party area.  The final 15 minutes are for open play in the gym. We provide the party room, set up, table cloths, party favors, and clean up.


    • Sunday

    • Sunday



    • One-Time Fee